Geographic Scope

e-Stewards certification is currently available to companies and organizations that perform significant recycling of electronics, including electronics recyclers, refurbishers, asset managers, and materials recovery operations (e.g. for metals or plastics recovery). e-Stewards certification is currently not available to brokers, logistics companies, or those who primarily collect electronics as separately owned and/or controlled collection operations.

Geographically, e-Stewards certification is currently available in almost every country in the world, with a few exceptions for those countries where accredited e-Stewards certification bodies are not allowed to do business. e-Stewards certification is currently available in developed countries, as defined by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, European Union and the European Free Trade Association.

In addition, when applications are received by any accredited e-Stewards certification body (CB) from a potential client that is not located in an OECD/EU/EFTA country, the CB must make the e-Stewards Program Administrator aware of the application and request written approval to proceed with a contract for certification. The CB must indicate the location of qualified e-Stewards auditors that would be assigned to perform certification audits. No contract may be issued until written approval has been granted to the CB for contracting with its applicant site(s) located in a non-OECD/EU/EFTA country.