The e-Stewards Staff

Jim Puckett has been an environmental health and justice activist for 22 years. In the past he served as Greenpeace International’s Toxics Director and before that, as co-coordinator of Greenpeace’s Toxic Trade campaign, both posts being based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Greenpeace Toxic Trade Campaign was instrumental in achieving the Basel Ban as well as numerous regional waste trade bans. In 1997, he left Greenpeace to return to Seattle to help found the Basel Action Network program. He has represented civil society within the Basel Convention since its inception in 1989 and has traveled extensively researching, writing, producing films and campaigning against all forms of toxic trade. Contact:
Sarah Westervelt is the e-Stewardship Policy Director at the Basel Action Network (BAN), and the Reuse/Recycling Chairperson for the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. Her work includes the development of the e-Stewards accredited certification program, as well as participation in national and international multi-stakeholder processes, such as the United Nations PACE program. Through global advocacy, policy, market solutions, and education, Sarah provides guidance to governments, institutions, corporations, and the public to go beyond inadequate regulations and practices, and better understand existing international laws that pertain to trade in toxic wastes. Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems Renewal, and worked for years as a consultant in organizational development before joining the Basel Action Network in 2001. Contact:
Mandy Knudtson is the e-Stewards Business Manager, who provides support for electronic recyclers as they become e-Stewards certified companies. Her work also offers on-going marketing support to promote the e-Stewards certification program. Mandy facilitates program activities and collaborative efforts conducive to high performance teams within the organization to promote the e-Stewards program to a national and global audience. As a previous small business owner for over 12 years, Mandy utilizes her networking and marketing skills to promote the e-Stewards program. She also brings her skills and experience in sales and promotions, which she developed during her time at an international healthcare corporation. Mandy holds a bachelors degree from the University of Washington in Environmental Studies and Policy Studies. During her undergraduate studies, Mandy was highly involved in community-based learning projects, which included advocacy work to increase awareness about the importance of proper recycling of hazardous electronic waste. Mandy is currently obtaining her Master’s Degree in Policy Studies at the University of Washington. Contact: